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Regular maintenance & Certificates of Compliance | CoC

To ensure your gas appliances are always in top working order we offer regular maintenance and also issue LPG gas COC certificates.

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Gas appliances should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, however, if these are not available, we recommend that they be serviced annually. This is not only important for safety, but when a gas appliance works as it should, it uses gas efficiently. Your short-term insurance company may also require proof of maintenance if you submit a claim.

Maintenance includes a thorough check of the appliance, as well as the gas connection. Any faults found with a gas appliance should always be repaired by a qualified technician. We will be happy to suggest reputable repairers who can do this for you. We also check for and fix gas leaks and issue LPG gas COC certificates.

Our quality and workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years.

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Gas Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

If you are selling your home and have a gas installation, you will need a Gas Certificate of Compliance for the transfer to go through.

The Gas Certificate of Compliance certifies that:
There are no gas leaks
Emergency shut off valves have been installed in the correct positions
The gas piping, regulator, valves and gas appliance are in a safe working condition and not corroded.
The installation is compliant in accordance with SANS10087-1

We will gladly do compliance inspections and are accredited to issue LPG gas COC certificates.